HAFI gives 87-year-old greater independence

March 14th, 2013 Sharon* shares a small apartment with her 87-year-old mother Lynn*. Financial considerations and an aging mother made living together a practical solution. However, the apartment needed some costly changes to allow her mother to be independent in this space.

Noticing an ad in the local paper for the Home Adaptations for Independence (HAFI) program changed things for Sharon and her mother. Offered through BC Housing, HAFI provides financial assistance of up to $20,000 for low-income seniors and people with disabilities to modify their homes so that they can continue to live independently.

Sharon immediately contacted BC Housing on behalf of her elderly mother and helped her to complete an application package. Her mother's application was approved. The financial assistance Lynn received made it possible to modify the apartment to make day-to-day living easier.

The bathtub was replaced with a walk-in shower that included grab-bars and a wall bench. Sharon’s mother has restricted mobility and balance issues, so the wall-to-wall carpeting – a constant tripping hazard - was replaced with laminate floors. The kitchen renovations included easy-to-pull drawers, lever faucets and adjusted cabinets. The completed adaptations give Lynn the independence she needs to take care of herself.

Sharon is so pleased to see that her mother can now wash herself without assistance, easily walk around the apartment without tripping and work in the kitchen on her own. Both mother and daughter are great supporters of the program and encourage others in need to find out how HAFI can help them. *The names of clients have been changed to protect their privacy. -

See more at: http://www.bchousing.org/Media/Stories/2013/01/07/3620_1301071522-354#sthash.aYI3t0sm.dpuf

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