October 8, 2021 Testimonial

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"I received the Sprite mini walker for my mother yesterday. I want to thank you Dan for your assistance. I really appreciate your patient positive tone of voice. In this day and age often even when purchasing from a company people on the phone can have sharp inpatient negative tones in their voice.  There seems there is never enough time in the day to get our work done and there are always glitches out of our control that all of us have to deal with.
It is really a rarity these days to find someone like yourself in a service industry whose tone is patient, positive and not a hint of irritation.  But also not in a fake way. You get the job done and you tell the customer like it is, with kindness and patience and don't show irritation with their questions.
This trait is a real rarity in today's world and a sign of your above average professionalism."
T.B., White Rock BC 

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