Compression Garment Fitting

Compression garment fitting

While most people understand the importance of quality compression garments, it’s equally important to have the correct fit. Our certified compression fitters ensure you get the maximum benefit from compression stockings.

What is involved in fitting me for compression garments?

A doctor’s prescription is required for certain levels of compression. Call us for details. We have a private fitting room available, where a fitting may take anywhere from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. Our staff take great care and attention to fit you in the correct product for YOU. We ensure you are able to put it on and off and how to care for your garment.

How are we qualified to fit and recommend your compression garments? 

We have a registered nurse on staff, who is also a certified expert garment fitter with over 20 years experience fitting and measuring compression garments. We also have a team of certified fitters with over 60 years combined experience in compression garments and therapy.

We guarantee the fit of the garment and only sell products from reputable manufacturers who stand behind their products. Having the right fit is the most important aspect. When fitted and worn properly, compression stockings help with your circulation, not reduce or restrict it.