The Medical Equipment Provision Program

The Medical Equipment Provision Program (MEPP) provides medical equipment for patients and clients in B.C. leaving the hospital or receiving health care services at home. To receive this equipment, you must be assessed by a health authority clinician to have an immediate short-term equipment need for your recovery or safety, or to reduce caregiver injury.

Your health authority clinician will assist you with the equipment rental from BC MedEquip if they determine you do not have another source of funding. 

Your health authority clinician will determine how long the equipment will be rented for you. 

Your clinician (such as occupational therapist, physical therapist, or nurse) will assess your needs and prescribe the equipment. 

BC MedEquip is an official contracted provider under the new Medical Equipment Provision Program (MEPP) through Fraser Health Authoriy and Vancouver Coastal Health for all of the Lower Mainland.

Options for the End of the MEPP Rental 

1) An extension form can be provided by the clinician in the community (occupational therapist, physiotherapist or physician) to extend the MEPP Rental

2) The rental equipment can continue to be rented through BC MedEquip on a private-pay basis  (visit our rentals page for more information on our rental pricing - rental items)

3) The rental equipment can be purchased through BC MedEquip 

BC MedEquip works with Fraser Health Authority and Vancouver Coastal Health in referring the right equipment to suite your immediate needs.