Rental Program

Sometimes you only need our equipment for a short period of time. Rehab or other recovery situations can be greatly helped by the right devices. Renting from us may save you thousands over buying.

BC MedEquip believes and understands the importance of high quality products, which also applies to our rental inventory. Our high quality rental inventory meets our company's highest standards.  Our Fair Rent to Own Program allows you to trial the equipment at a reasonable, competitive price before purchasing it or to meet your monthly budget. Our highly trained, experienced staff can help you find what you need and using our rental inventory, you can trial it in your home for a reasonable rental price.  We can deliver and install the equipment when you need it, same day service is available for those urgent requests.  

By using the right equipment, the recovery and rehabilitation period can be a shortened and a more comfortable process. 


Our Rental Inventory

We have the largest rental inventory in the Lower Mainland.  Our rental inventory is constantly being replenished and replaced with new inventory to ensure our customers get the best piece of equipment in excellent working order.  

Flexible & Fair

Keep your equipment for as long as you need it.  Return it or call us to arrange pick up of the equipment when you no longer need it.  Keep in mind, we ensure the proper working order of the equipment when you receive it, but you are responsible for the equipment while in your possession, so take care of it.  Our fair rental program allows you to purchase the equipment with a percentage of the rental paid if you need the item long term.  We do not rent past the purchase price of the equipment being rented.  

Often, supplies is only needed for a short amount of time. That is why renting from us can help you save thousands over buying.

BC MedEquip's FAIR Rent to Own program is a perfect option for our customers.  It provides flexibility and financially sense.  Don't worry if you are not sure how long you will need the equipment.  We have it covered.

If you decide to purchase the rented piece of equipment during the first month of paid rental, 100% of the rental paid is applied to the purchase price.  After the first month, a percentage of the rental paid can be applied to the purchase of the equipment.  This applies to most everything we rent, including specialty wheelchairs and high end rehab equipment.  Our FAIR Rent to Own program is exactly that - FAIR. 

  • Cost effective
  • Fast and convenient
  • Ensures continued equipment service
  • 24/7 On-Call Support & Service
  • Wide selection

Why rent from BC MedEquip

Try before you buy!  Make sure it’s right for you.
100% of the first month’s rental can be applied to the purchase of the rental equipment if you decide during this time to buy!  A percentage of subsequent months’ rentals are deducted from the item you are renting.

Readily available for those urgent requests, such as hospital discharges.

Easily change your equipment if your needs change.  

Short term or long term needs can be met on your budget.  

BC MedEquip stands behind everything we rent.  We will repair or replace any broken rental equipment while on rental.  If the repair is due to misuse/neglect, you will be responsible for the repair.

What do we rent and when can I get it? 
BC MedEquip rents almost everything!  Our rental inventory ranges from hospital beds, lifts, wheelchairs, scooters, walkers ....  just to name a few.  Same day delivery is available but we can deliver within 24 hours. Weekend/urgent deliveries are available if needed. 


Our installers and technicians can deliver and install the rental equipment in your home. Training on all equipment is provided.  

Rental charges

Rental charges are due at the beginning of the rental period and a visa or mastercard is required to have on file.   Rental charges are billed at a monthly rate, but if you have it out less than a month, weekly rates are available (whichever is more economical). Remember, if you have the equipment and are not using it, you still need to pay for the period of time it’s been in your possession.

Contact us at 604-888-8811 or and one of our knowledgeable staff members will be happy to assist you with all your rental needs!