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Alldress® Dressing

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Self-adherent all-in-one absorbent dressing for low to moderately exuding wounds

Alldress® can be used to protect a wide range of wounds, from superficial burns to low exuding pressure ulcers, either as a primary or secondary dressing. The backing film acts as a barrier against microbes larger than 25nm and protects the wound from water – while helping to maintain a moist wound environment. Gentle, water-based adhesion and easy-peel application are kind to the skin. 


  • Low-adherent wound contact net reduces the risk of disturbance to the wound 
  • Maintains a moist wound healing environment 
  • Protects wound from water and outside contamination 
  • Convenient and aseptic to apply
  • Skin-friendly for the patie

When to use Alldress

Alldress can be used for a wide variety of low to moderately exuding wounds:

  • Primary dressing for open and closed wounds, such as low exuding diabetic, venous and pressure ulcers, surgical incisions, lacerations, and superficial burns
  • Secondary dressing for open wounds used together with:
       - gels such as Hypergel®
       - desloughing dressings such as Mesalt®


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