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Amputee Board Drop Seats

  • $315.00
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Personal Aide’s innovative Amputee Boards,

are designed to provide a rigid seat platform and aid amputees in support and positioning of their residual limb(s) with minimal impact on the user’s ability to transfer and wheel independently.
starting from $315.00
Boards are designed to fit practically all sizes of wheelchair.
The sliding section is housed between an upper, full width board that sits on the wheelchair seat rails and a lower, narrower board that sits on the sling upholstery.
The sliding section can be pulled into position by grasping the pull-tabs on the front.
During transfers or when wearing a prosthesis the sliding section can be slid back under the seat, out of the user’s way.


  • either 1” or 2” drop
  • may be used to support left or right or both
  • angled to support stump when hips are abducted
  • weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • includes front carrying strap
  • includes safety strap with buckle at rear to attach to rear of chair
  • sliding section retracts into seat
  • available with 1”, 2”, or 3” pads
  • shipping weight 6 lbs


Chair Width                  Chair Depth
16”                               16” 18” 20”
18”                               16” 18” 20”
20”                               16” 18” 20”
22”                               16” 18” 20”
24”                               16” 18”  20”