Balance Disc/Balance Fit

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The Balance Disc Active Sitting Cushion prevents back discomfort, relieves stress on the spine. Promotes "active sitting". Helps with spinal alignment, improving posture. Increases intensity when stretching or doing lunges. Use the Balance Disc while standing, kneeling or sitting. Improves balance and strengthens the core.

Versatile balance tool that can be used standing, kneeling, doing lunges, weight training or sitting. Improves balance and joint stabilization, strengthens and tones core muscles, and encourages proper posture. It has one smooth side and one knobbly side to provide massage and more challenges for exercise.

The Balance Fit is a multi-functional balance tool to improve balance, strength, core stability and blood circulation. It can be incorporated in workouts with proprioreceptive exercises as well as rehabilitation in treatment of ankle injuries. Can also be used as active seat cushion when placed on a chair.

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