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Bauerfeind DorsoTrain®

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Active support with stabilizing functional elements.
If the back is stiff and bent and can no longer be fully straightened without assistance, Dor-soTrain can help. This orthosis, shaped like a body with lateral body straps and a plastic rod integrated into the back section, aligns the spine and gives you support. It is therefore suitable in cases of osteoporosis, stiff thoracic spine and hunched backs.

-Easy to put on and take off using zip fastening
-Breathable material, gentle on your skin
-High level of support with optimum freedom of movement

Postural assistance
DorsoTrain supports and aligns the spine thanks to a functional stay integrated into the back of the body. This reclinator made of plastic is anatomically contoured, but can also be adapted to each individual. An adjustable belt around the waist can be used to apply additional compres-sion to the abdominal wall.

Shapely support
The DorsoTrain support body can be put on like a jacket and is opened and closed using a long zip fastening at the front. The DorsoTrain is buttoned up using an easy-to-reach gusset fastening in the front bikini zone instead of at the crotch. The material is breathable, supple and gentle on the skin, so that the body fits perfectly and provides comfortable support.


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