Bluetree Medical Hip Protector Shorts and Pants

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BlueTree's garments have built in hip protection.  

Our soft, thin, powerful shields fit snugly into mesh pockets.  These are sewn in to ensure proper positioning and provide effective protection against falls and bumps.

Bio-mechanical studies show that our shield absorbs the impact of a sideways fall and directs it away from the hip bone, helping to prevent a hip fracture.  ​

BlueTree's lightweight shield is tapered and comfortable, easily conforming to the individual's body shape to provide discreet protection. 

Our Cotton Fleece collection is made from lightweight, cotton/polyester blend that is very soft and comfortable next to the skin.

Our CottonFleece Hip Protector Pant collection is made from a lightweight cotton/poly blend that is very comfortable and easy to take care of.  Our shields fit snugly into mesh pockets on the inside of the pant.
  • Built in hip protection
  • Available in Black, Grey and Navy
  • Sizes XS-XXL
  • Machine Washable and Dry

Measurement Chart

BlueTree Medical's hip protectors are fitted by hip size.  Please measure at the widest part of the hip.  

Our garments are meant to be snug with enough stretch to be comfortable.  If your measurement is larger than the measurement shown for the size please move up a size to ensure a proper fit.


Small 88cm (35") hip circumference
Medium 96cm (38") hip circumference
Large 106cm (42") hip circumference




81cm (32") hip circumference

88cm (35") hip circumference

Medium 97cm (38") hip circumference




106cm (42") hip circumference

116cm (46") hip circumference

127cm (50") hip circumference

Using BlueTree hip protectors greatly reduces the peak force to the hip bone during a fall. It is important to keep forces on the hip bone low to avoid hip fractures. The BlueTree shield has been biomechanically tested and proven to reduce the force of an impact in the event of a sideways fall. Our shield design offers a combination of energy absorption and shunting. This is achieved by the formation of the pad and the hole in the middle that forms a bridge over the hip bone.