Carbon Ultralight by Acre

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Built with lightweight materials — at just 10.6 lb, easy folding, and sleek lines, it will easily fit in any car, train, boat or airplane, so you can keep discovering the world around you.

Dynamic shape – for speed and a stylish look

The Carbon Ultralight has a motivating, innovative and stylish design. It is easy to manoeuvre and provides a smooth, fast and effortless ride.

Strength and shock-absorbance

Each Carbon Ultralight frame is carefully crafted by hand and based on a special recipe that gives the Carbon Ultralight its unique amazing and smooth walking experience.

On-the-go seating

The built-in seat enables you to use the rollator as a chair at any time you may need to sit down.

Soft, ergonomic handles

The handles are designed to help you walk upright and easily maneuver the rollator. With forward-pointing handles, you will be walking with a better posture and put less strain on your back and shoulder. 

Available in 3 sizes

Compact Track — seat width 41 cm/height 56 cm

Regular Track — seat width 42 cm/height 61 cm

Wide Track — seat width 47 cm/height 61 cm

Accessories available:

  • Weekend bag
  • Grocery bag
  • Travel bag
  • Backrest
  • Cane holder
  • Organizer