Dauerbinde® K Long Stretch Bandage

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Dauerbinde® K has a long-stretch and variable compression for supportive and pressure-relieving dressings for ligaments and joints. These bandages are thin, conform well to the form of your body, and aren't that bulky - perfect for someone who has a hard time accepting additional material. They're also easy to clean and made with high-quality materials ensuring they'll last a long time. They must be removed when the patient is resting and at night.

Field of Application

  • Compression bandaging (phlebology)
  • Support and stress relief to injured tendon, ligament or muscle
  • Dressing retention
  • Limb immobilization


  • Easy to apply and conforms well to body contours without creases or folds
  • Compressive power can be easily adjusted due to long stretch properties
  • Durable textured fabric structure
  • Helps stabilize the compression bandage and keeps it from slipping when applied as a final layer
  • Extensibility is approximately 180%
  • Washable up to 30oC/86oF

Product composition

86% cotton, 7% polyamide, 7% spandex

Product and clips are not made with natural rubber latex

Note: Due to the high resting pressure level, the bandage should not be worn overnight or during extended periods of rest.