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Drain-Fix™ Catheter Fastener

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For Securement of: Pigtail catheters, Balloon catheters, Suprapubic catheters, PEG feeding tubes and other percutaneous catheters and drains. 

Minimise time spent on catheter care Drain-Fix is a sterile, securement device for percutaneous catheters and tubes from sizes 5 CH to 22 CH. It is specifically designed to stop migration, movement and accidental removal of the catheter. Furthermore, it provides safe adhesion to the patient’s skin which means that once the catheter is fixed, it will rarely have to be re-established. This means, that Drain-Fix minimises the time spent on catheter care as well as the number of used catheters.

Prevents catheter kinking Drain-Fix positions the catheter parallel to the skin’s surface, which stops it from kinking by means of the raised plastic support component.

Optimum patient comfort Containing only skin friendly materials, including an absorbent wound-friendly hydrocolloid, Drain-Fix can be worn for long periods of time without causing an allergic reaction. The patients also have greater freedom of movement, as the low profile of Drain-Fix allows them to comfortably lie on the product and to dress with relative ease. For added convenience, patients can also shower whilst wearing Drain-Fix. Additionally, you avoid suturing and the securement device prevents the movements of the catheter from enlarging the puncture site, thereby resulting in less leakage.

REF.          Description     Catheter tub size         Quantity  

M680M         small                     5 CH - 14 CH                      25 pcs  200 pcs

M685M         large                     12 CH - 22 CH                    20 pcs 160 pcs

Material specifications

  • Carrier: Pink coloured non-woven polypropylene
  • Adhesive: Medical grade acrylic adhesive
  • Adhesive central part: 0.6mm hydrocolloid
  • Plastic component: Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
  • Tapes: Double sided adhesive tape
  • Backing paper on lid: Paper siliconized on one side
  • Backing paper on skin contact area: PE coated kraft paper, siliconized on one side
  • Pouch: Polyester/polyethylene laminate
  • Sterilisation: Irradiation sterilized (R)
  • Percutaneous
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • In situ: 7 days All Unomedical Securement Devices are Latex Free


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