eCo, eXpress and eXplorer Knee Walkers

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  • Excellent choice for the active client who spends time outdoors and/or on different terrain.
  • 4 wheeled all terrain with 12" soft foam filled tires
  • Aluminum frame


  • Deluxe Walker that is great for most people.
  • 4 wheeled deluxe with 8" gel tires


  • 4 wheeled economy version
  • Upgraded Drum Brakes
  • Adjustable brake with locking feature
  • Padded, molded, contoured knee pad
  • Ergonomic handgrips

Knee Walkers are an excellent short and long term alternative to crutches for those patients with lower leg injuries.

Explorer and Express Knee Walkers have many great features.

4 wheeled for greater stability

Tie-rod auto style steering allows for easier maneuverability and helps maintain stability

Locking handbrakes provide speed control

Easy to fold steering column is convenient for transport & storage

Molded Knee Pad accommodates casts Ergonomically designed hand grips Fully Adjustable for Multi-Users Pre-Assembled

No tools required for set-up
Replacement Parts 30-80% less expensive

Common Features include:

  • Adjustable brake with locking feature

  • Rear drum brakes for smooth, consistent braking

  • Automotive style tie rod steering mechanism

  • Padded, molded, contoured knee pad

  • Ergonomic handgrips

  • Wire basket and bell included

  • Tool-free setup