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Legrest Panel

Key Features:

  • Padded to provide clients comfort
  • Helps keep feet on footboard in a reclined or tilted position
  • Prevents increasing flexion and safely improves feet & leg positioning
  • Designed to be easily adjusted to satisfy individual needs
  • Firmly attaches to footrest hangers with adjustable straps.

S064 – Legrest Panel
S074 – Legrest Panel Custom
S066 – Legrest Panel Custom XLG
S079 – Legrest Panel Solid
S136 – Legrest Panel Solid Custom
S128 – Gel Insert – Legrest Panel
S121 – Legrest Strap – not padded
S145 – Legrest Strap – Adjustable (soft)

Accessory Bag attached to Legrest Panel

Key Features:( please call for pricing and availability)

  • Can be used for carrying personal effects or as a urinary leg bag carrier
  • Available in 2 sizes or customized
  • Available with Velcro flap or Pinch closure

S164 – Accessory Bag with Legrest Panel – Regular size
S166 – Accessory Bag with Legrest Panel – Small size
S167 – Accessory Bag with Legrest Panel – Custom siz

Foot Board 

Key Features:( please call for pricing and availability)

  • Designed to provide comfort, increased foot support and stability
  • The complete mechanism swings away to facilitate easy transfer
  • Attaches to one footplate and folds down to rest on the other footplate
  • Accessories such as a padded Heel or Toe Guard may be added to provide additional support.

S061 – Padded Foot Board
S062 – Padded Foot Board Custom
S063 – Heel Guard / Toe Guard
S077 – Heel Guard / Toe Guard Custom
S127 – Gel Insert – Foot Board


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