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Lympha Press Comfysleeve™ 1-75- Please call for Pricing and availability

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Simplifying treatment for postmastectomy lymphedema.

Effective therapy for arm, breast and torso lymphedema in the clinic and at home

ComfySleeve™ 1-75 is designed to meet the needs of patients with upper extremity lymphedema. It treats the entire arm, shoulder, and one side of the back, chest and abdomen. Its sequential, compressive massage action activates the lymphatics to absorb fluids and proteins, and coaxes fluids around blockages, into healthy areas for uptake.

ComfySleeve™ 1-75 provides gentle, targeted treatment to the axilla (armpit), as this area often requires therapy in patients with breast cancer related lymphedema due to lymph node removal or damage from radiation.

ComfySleeve™ is designed to meet the needs of patients:

•Our modular, zip-together construction makes it easy to wear and remove.
•Conforms to the patient's body shape. Targeted underarm compression for axilla drainage.
•Treats arm, chest, shoulder, back and abdomen.
•Calibrated gradient compression - fully adjustable to meet special needs, such as fibrosis or sensitive areas.
•Easy to clean, for good hygiene.

ComfySleeve™ 1-75 has a unique modular construction. It consists of: arm sleeve, torso sleeve, and side fastener. They are zippered together at setup, in sizes selected to fit the patient. After setup the garment is worn as a single piece, like a jacket. To change size or side, just switch fasteners.