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Lympha Press LymphaPod- Please call for Pricing

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Treatment for lymphedema and venous insufficiency in the larger patient LymphaPod(r) is a sequential pneumatic compression therapy system designed specifically for the larger patient.

Larger patients with lymphedema have special needs. Their lymphedema often appears on the upper thighs, hips, and abdomen, areas which cannot be treated with standard leg garments.

LymphaPod(r) is a home care system designed to treat large patients with limited mobility.

It treats the entire lower body, including legs, hips, and abdomen.


* Lympha Press(r) calibrated gradient compression

* Treats legs, abdomen, hips and genital areas

* 40 overlapping air chambers

* Fully adjustable pressure in 4 - 12 zones

* Designed for large patients with limited mobility

* One size fits most patients from 350 to 700 lbs.