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Lympha Press® Plus Model 1033- Please call for Pricing

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Lympha Press® Plus is the most advanced compression therapy system in the world.

Designed in consultation with manual lymph drainage therapists, Lympha Press® Plus offers a choice of five treatment modes, including our unique Pre-Therapy cycle based on the principles of manual lymph drainage.
Lympha Press® Plus gives you the tools you need to treat each patient as an individual.

Any of the treatment modes can be combined in a single session to maximally stimulate lymphatic uptake. The pressure in each of the 12 chambers can be set individually according to physician prescription, for gradient compression and to enable adjustment of pressure over a painful lesion or wound bed. Treatment time can be set to any prescribed time, to fit patient condition and compliance. Pause time can be adjusted to accommodate patients with venous insufficiency and venous stasis ulcers. And each individual patient program can be stored, retrieved and operated via PC or data hub.
Lympha Press® Plus is easy to use, with a user-friendly panel that's as easy as setting a kitchen clock. Or, program it via your personal computer! Too many choices?

The pump comes preset from the factory with an effective treatment program that you can adapt as needed.
With Lympha Press®, you can treat two limbs, or the entire lower or upper torso, simultaneously.

All our Lympha Press® systems can treat bilaterally or unilaterally, as prescribed by physician, for shorter treatment time and better compliance.
Treatment Modes:

Pretherapy: Designed according to the principles of manual lymph drainage, Pretherapy helps drain the proximal lymphatics prior to the main treatment cycle. Pretherapy sets up conditions for promotion of maximal drainage and assists the lymph liquid to flow towards the main lymphatic collectors in the torso. When used with the Lympha Jacket or Lympha Pants, Pretherapy drains the lymphatic collectors in the abdomen and trunk – extremely helpful in cases of abdominal, torso or genital lymphedema.

Gradient12: This mode applies the highest level of calibrated gradient sequential compression. Pressure for each cell can be set at the pump, for a gradient of pressure from distal to proximal, to further enhance lymph flow towards the major collectors in the torso. Pressure can also be reduced over painful areas or wound beds. For an extra measure of safety, Lympha Press® Plus will not allow the selection of a reverse gradient, which could cause reflux or wrong-way flow.

Lympha: Sequential compression, proven clinically effective for treatment of lymphedema, and for treatment of chronic venous insufficiency / venous stasis ulcers. The compression cells in the garment inflate one by one, starting from the most distal (furthest from the body). This creates a gentle "milking" pressure wave that replicates the body's own lymphatic function, increasing lymphatic uptake. Our narrow, overlapping air chambers prevent reflux or wrong-way flow, and make treatment comfortable.

Wave: Peristaltic compression, for treatment of venous insufficiency and lymphedema with focal discomfort. The Wave inflates only two cells at one time, from distal (furthest away from the body) to proximal. There is always one cell inflated behind the pressure wave, to prevent wrong-way flow.

Ballancer: A rhythmic peristaltic cycle that feels like a relaxing massage. The Ballancer cycle moves more rapidly and is very stimulating for the circulation. Again, there is always one cell inflated behind the leading pressure wave, to prevent reflux. The Ballancer is recommended for treatment of lipedema, and offers a pleasant, stress-reducing massage as a good finish to any treatment session.
High pressure accuracy

The Lympha Press® Plus automatically adjusts itself to limb and sleeve dimensions, for high pressure accuracy. Treatment time, pause time, pressure and speed are all individually adjustable to meet any clinical situation.

The Lympha Press® Plus can treat one or two limbs simultaneously, and can be used with all our garments – individually adjustable, exceptionally durable, with the patented Lympha Press® overlapping cell system, in over 56 standard sizes.

Model Lympha Press Plus
Cycle Pre-Therapy, Lympha, Wave, Gradient12, Ballancer
Cycle Time Variable
Presure Range 20-130 mmHg
Weight 10 kg / 22 lbs
Size 14x41x34cm / 6x16x13.5 in
Electrical 115V/50~60Hz (230V model also available)

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