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Mefix 10 meter roll x 2.5 cm 1/box

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The porous structure of the nonwoven fabric ensures air and water vapour permeability.  Mefix® is flexible, conforms well to body contours and allows body movements when in place. 


It is nonabsorbent and provides a barrier for blood and fluid strike-through by increasing overall absorbency of the dressing. 


The water-based polyacrylate adhesive is designed to be gentle to the skin and provide secure fixation.


The easy-to-remove protection paper is pre-measured in 10 cm intervals to reduce wastage and has a perforated split for application flexibility. 


Mefix® can easily be cut to the desired shape and size. 


Skin-friendly, water-based, solvent-free adhesive

• Pre-measured protection paper allows for convenient measurement and cutting

• Adapts well to body contours

• Breathable and water repellent for dressing security and skin health



To prevent ‘shearing’, care should be taken to ensure that Mefix is not applied under tension.  This is particularly important when applied over joints.



Indications for Use

Mefix® can be used in a wide variety of situations where fixation is required including fixation of dressings, catheters, tubes and cannulae.




         Part#                Size cm               Box              Pcs/Case


  • 310250           10cm x 2.5cm         1                   40
  • 310500           10cm x 5cm            1                   40
  • 311000           10cm x 10cm          1                   20
  • 311500           10cm x 15cm          1                   15
  • 312100           10cm x 20cm          1                   10
  • 313000           10cm x 30cm          1                   12


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