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No-Rinse® Body Wash-Please call for Pricing

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No-Rinse® products are designed for a variety of applications: convalescence, home health care, seniors, the physically challenged, travelers, campers, water short environments, children and just for everyday convenience.

No-Rinse® is ideal for any situation where traditional bathing is difficult or inconvenient. Our products are gentle and even users with sensitive skin find No-Rinse® products to be non-irritating, even with frequent use.

Users of No-Rinse® are delighted with the cleanliness and convenience our products offer.

Body Wash

•Apply directly to skin or a wash cloth
•Leaves skin clean, moisturized and odour free
•Alcohol free
•Safe non-irritating perineal cleanser
•Moisturizes as it cleans
•Scientifically formulated
•Two sizes - Item #NR930 2oz, Item #NR940 8oz