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Low-stretch wrap with great contour and containment.

ReadyWrap® is an off-the-shelf adjustable compression wrap for transitioning out of therapy into self-management during the daytime, nighttime, and high or low activity.

ReadyWrap® features low-stretch straps that mimic short-stretch bandaging to provide clinically-effective compression therapy with high working and low resting pressure, all while supporting patient compliance with its unique alternating strapping system which can be donned with a single hand.

The modular design of the ReadyWrap family allows each garment to be worn on its own or in conjunction with other styles.



Edema/lymphedema management

Moderate to Severe


Ankle and dorsum of foot

Fits in everyday footwear


Foot length options

Regular, Long

Left/Right Specific


Max. MTP circumference (A1C/AC)

41 cm (A1C) / 31 cm (AC)

Max. Ankle circumference (BC)

43 cm

Max. Heel circumference (YC)

Not applicable

Includes a ReadyWrap Liner



* Footwear which adjusts across the dorsum may be needed to accommodate adjustable straps.