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The V4 offers maximum pressure reduction and product flexibility.

Upgraded V4 RE-ACT introduces full length transfer edges that provide patient stability for transferring and bed side ADL’s while reducing patient migration between mattress and bed side rails.

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The V4 can easily be converted from a prevention mattress with removable Visco “Memory Foam” Sections to a therapeutic surface with the addition of one or more ROHO Therapeutic Surfaces.

Ideal for targeting very specific high risk areas, i.e. coccyx, heels, shoulders etc.

*ROHO sections are sold separately*


  • Firm full length transfer edges add stability for patient transfers and bed side ADL’s.
  • Firm transfer edges reduce patient migration between mattress and bed side rails.
  • Allows for the use of up to “four” ROHO Mattress Sections.
  • Easily re-configured to allow for re-positioning of ROHO Inserts “anywhere”.
  • Totally enclosed Mattress and ROHO Sections with simple removable zippered top cover provides for easy cleaning, inflation or section replacement.


35"  x 80"

  • 3040NU -        V4 35" x 80" with 1 insert
  • 3040NU-219 - V4 35" x 80 with 2 insert and Immobile divider
  • 3040NU-138 - V4 35" x 80" with 2 inserts
  • 3040NU-146 - V4 35" x 80" with 2 inserts and movable divider
  • 3040NU-157 - V4 35" x 80" for 3 inserts

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36" X 80"

RE-ACT SYSTEM 1   FS-3030F, FS-3030M, MATT1610,1 INSERTS

RE-ACT SYSTEM 2   FS-3030F, FS-830, FS-430, MATT1610, 2 INSERTS

RE-ACT SYSTEM 3   FS-2030, FS-430, MATT1610, 3 INSERTS


RE-ACT SYSTEM 5   FS-3030F, FS1230, MATT1610, 2 INSERT

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