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Transfer Boards Models 23W & 28W-Please call for Pricing

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Designed in cooperation with clinicians at G.F. Strong Rehab Centre with a view to optimizing strength to weight and shaped for specific tasks.
All boards are made as thin and light as possible using durable, multi-ply Baltic Birch finished with a non-marring, slippery durable finish. The boards have rounded corners and bevelled edges to make positioning simple and minimize the risk of skin and equipment damage. Boards have a minimum capacity of 250 lbs.
  •  shaped to allow transfers to and from a wheelchair
  • optional holes for finger/thumb
Similar to the General Purpose board but designed specifically for transfers to and from a soft surface like a bed or couch. The extra wide end spreads the weight of the user over a larger surface to minimize sinking and reduces the change in transfer heights. The narrow end makes placing the board under the users thigh relatively easy.
Model                         Length           Width               Thickness
Model 23W                    23”                13½"                ¼" (6mm)
Model 23                       28"              13½"                 ¼" (6mm)
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