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Tribute Arm Garment, Wrist to Chevron -Please call for Pricing and availability

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For the fully involved client, consider this design with a glove; the finger spacers will address swollen and fibrotic digits. This garment design provides shoulder coverage with the aid of a comfortable, diagonal chest strap.

Solaris designed this garment to begin at the wrist and fully cover the arm and shoulder cap. The strap is Velcro-receptive and foam padded for ease of adjustment and comfort.

When ordering, we will need the angular straddle measurement, beginning at the AC joint, crossing the chest to under the arm, then across the back returning to the AC joint. An Outer Jacket is available for this style if your client prefers slightly more compression, or has a history of night swelling or quick refill.


  • Provides shoulder coverage and features  an adjustable, Velcro-receptive, padded chest strap (available in black fabric only).
  • Combine with a Tribute glove for fully involved clients.
  • Provides 28-30 mmHg of gradient compression at distal end and 18-20 mmHg at proximal end.

For a private consultation please call or email Nurse Patricia at